Monday, 16 January 2012

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Sunday, 12 September 2010

i thought that i was doing well but i just want to cry now..

sorry ive been gone so long. so much has happened. just had so many ups and downs. going through a bit of a shitty time, like an anti-climax.
and i just havent had time for music which is making everything way harder. but now the music i listen to is so random, like right now im listening to god and satan by biffy clyro. its depressingly beautiful.
ive got into some really wierd music this summer, stuff that i would never normally dream of listening to. im currently obsessed with hold yuh by gyptian ft. nicki minaj. nicki minaj is just so cool! shes like the best rapper around at the moment, i just love her.
ive been busy doing homework and overthinking everything. at least things are getting a bit more interesting but i feel like everythings happening too slowly, i want to lose control and fuck everything up.
anyway life is just hard. i dont really have time to blog anymore so i think basically i'll try and blog every now and then but we'll just see how it goes.
hope your all well x

Saturday, 21 August 2010

everybodys changing and i dont feel the same

so ive been gone from the blogging world for a bit. theres just been so much happening. i feel like ive changed so much and so have my friends. we're just different people than we were at the beginning of this holiday. its like we've suddenly grown up and are doing the stuff we used to sit around chatting about.

anyway enough about my wierd life! music! this (above) is the music video for love the way you lie and im just in love with the song and really in love with megan fox! i just think shes so gorgeous and the exact look i try and look like but it never quite works out! eminem is my life and its just amazing having his music on the radio all the time.

ive made a few great playlists that i wanna share with you. this one is a pop rock sort of thing:

too fake by hockey, song away by hockey, kiss and tell by you me at six, lost in stereo by all time low, cosmic love by florence and the machine, high five swan dive nose dive by pulled apart by horses, shock horror by the view, same jeans by the view, the captain by biffy clyro, mountains by biffy clyro, your betrayal by bullet for my valentine.

speak soon x

Sunday, 1 August 2010

it seems strange how we used to wait for letters to arrive but whats stranger still is how something so small can keep you alive

these are my two favourite youtube videos that people have made. that clana video i used to watch obsessivly and the greys anatomy video made me cry the first time i saw it! greys anatomy is just so emotional! everyones got a broken heart, and theres always someone dying! i cant buy that box set coz i'll just end up as an emotional wreck!
anyway im in france still but i'll be back on tuesday... so music:

theres so much great music around. this summer has been great for music. currently im listening to a great playlist made up of band of horses-factory, broken bells-the ghost inside and we used to wait by arcade fire (title lyric from arcade fire song).

other amazing music ive been listening to is drakes newish song find your love. just a lovely summery song. and also been singing my friend smithsters favourite song, billionaire by travie mccoy. its got great lyrics and is just so much fun to sing along to! also loving everything everythings new single my keys your boyfriend. its very indie but very good! got a really addictive chorus but its totally impossible to sing along to! youll see if you listen to it!

okay im gonna get back to working on my tan! thanks for your lovely comments on my last post x

Sunday, 18 July 2010

you ever love someone so much you can barely breathe when youre with them? you meet and neither one of you even know what hit 'em

there are so many amazing collaborations at the moment. the top 5 in the chart update on wednesday was all collaborations!
this is how it looked:
  1. airplanes by b.o.b ft. hayley williams. i am still totally addicted to this song. its just amazing, good emo pop.
  2. love the way you lie by eminem ft. rihanna (title lyrics from this). this song is so addictive! when i first heard they did a collaboration i thought eminem would have done a calmer song, a bit less controversial but no this song is literally about abuse! its a bit wierd after the whole chris brown thing but anyway its such a beautiful song.
  3. bang bang bang by mark ronson and the business. this song just gets in your head. im singing it now! its good quirky, fun pop! the perfect summer tune.
  4. we no speak americano by yolanda be cool and DCUP. who would call themselves DCUP but anyway i love this song. its a really grower but such a great dance tune. just loving it and its nice to hear a bit of spanish!
  5. just be good to green by professor green and lily allen. this song is probably one of my favourite collaborations this year. just love the contrast of their voices. its beautiful yet fun and an exciting song.

so that was the top 5 on wednesday. hopefully it will stay like that coz its been a long time since the top 5 looked this good. last summer there wasnt such great music around but it seems this summer is gonna be a summer of amazing music!

okay i think im gonna be taking a break from blogging. im going to france on thursday for 12 days. i think i just need a break from blogging to sort of remind me why i started blogging. btw im gonna be away for my blog's first birthday but just wanna say thank you to everyone who reads/follows my blog and thank you to all those of you who write blogs that really inspire me. love you all xxxx

UPDATE: the charts actually ended up as:

  1. airplanes by b.o.b
  2. we no speak americano by yolanda be cool and DCUP
  3. love the way you lie by eminem
  4. california girls by katy perry
  5. just be good to green by professor green

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

what would you rather me be like? i aint ever gonna change, are you ever gonna realise?

these are pictures from t in the park (pictures in order: eminem, ellie goulding, biffy clyro, florence and the machine, muse, paolo nutini, vampire weekend)
i didnt really hear much of the coverage coz i actually went to wales this weekend! i went with one of my best friends and a friends babysitting job who we've all become really friendly with. shes 22 but has three kids and just got a divorce and when she was going through the divorce she became really good friends with one of my friends. anyway it was sort of a last minute thing but we went to this caravan on this farm in north wales in the middle of nowhere and just had a lovely time.. really relaxing and peaceful.
but im back for about a week and a bit coz im off to france really soon! im so excited about france!
so back to t in the park: the only performance ive watched is eminems performance which was epic. i swear i was nearly in tears. im so obsessed with eminem its not even funny!
anyway im off to afflecks palace with a few friends today and im just generally spending my holidays on the internet or watching films (i watched the ugly truth last night which was amazing! i now have a new crush on gerald butler and hes scottish! you know how much i love scottish accents!) x
(title lyrics from just be good to green by professor green ft lily allen)

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

and his alarm went off to wake him but he didnt make it to the rap Olympics left to his plane and he missed it

dont you just love hayley williams?! i just love the girl. paramore's new single careful is great. i could listen to paramore all day. anyway these pictures are all about airplane coz im just obsessed with that song as well as the jay z remix of xxxo by MIA.
so a bit of new music:
  1. monarchy-love get out of my way. ive loved monarchy for a long time now and this song is just great. quite indie and fun.
  2. pulled apart by horses. i love this band coz they just scream but in a weird way its very therapeutic! this summer im really into dance music but i think this winter i might start getting into rock. its a genre that ive only really scrapped the surface of.
  3. middle east- the darkest side. cant remember how this song goes. i just remember that its very indie and just gorgeous. im so crap at research!
  4. broken bells-the ghost inside. cant really descibe it. just amazing! very indie and just this great laidback sound.

and that is a very random mix of stuff but i think monarchy is a one to watch although my predictions are normally wrong! however i did say holland were gonna win uraguay and they did! cant wait to the world cup final! x (title lyrics by eminem from airplane. how great is the concept of rap olympics?! do they actually exist? i hope they do!)